Fotografiska Tallinn 5

festivities surrounded by art
From June 6th to 9th, as Fotografiska celebrates its 5th anniversary, the modern photography museum bursts into full bloom - with the unveiling of the grand exhibition 'In Bloom', the venue hosts a series of captivating special events, merging the harmonious blend of art, flavors, and summer gatherings. The crowning jewel of this grand weekend is the Mutant Disco x Haigla party on June 7th, transforming Fotografiska's exhibition halls into a lively dance floor, where the festivities soar into the early hours of the morning in an elevated mood.
06.06 20.00 Fotografiska restaurant, 6th floor
Mingle In Bloom: meet the artists
The event will kick off Fotografiska's 5th birthday weekend, bringing together international artists, the Fotografiska team, the fashionable, and the influential. The evening social event will flow in a free and inspiring rhythm, accompanied by tastes influenced by the art.
07.06 12.00 Fotografiska’s 2nd floor
Talk In Bloom: talk & tastes
Join us for the opening panel of Fotografiska's summer exhibition "In Bloom", where five participating artists will come together with Jessica Jarl, the director of Fotografiska's international exhibitions, to delve into their artistic visions.
07.06 22.00 Fotografiska
Party In Bloom: Mutant Disco x Haigla
Fotografiska's 5th birthday is literally a celebration amidst art – for the first time, we're bringing the party to the exhibition floors, letting the music echo until the early hours, accompanied by the intoxicating hum of summer. The spaces will be filled with the heavyweights of the party scene, Mutant Disco and Haigla, with wild live acts and multi-layered music.
08.06 18.00 Fotografiska’s 2nd floor
Walk In Bloom: tour with 5 artists
Join us for an extraordinary exploration amid the blooming beauty – on June 8th, a special tour of the exhibition “In Bloom” will take place, where five participating artists will open the door to their creative worlds and shed light on the background of the exhibition through their eyes.
Nature is enigmatic. Strong and noble, yet fragile and fleeting. Tamed or wild, groomed or untouched, influenced and altered by humans. Bright and beautiful, yet simultaneously dark and ominous. It is a sacred refuge from which all has evolved. In the exhibition "In Bloom", the awe-inspiring meets the delicate, the beautiful encounters the dangerous, and the familiar confronts the unknown. Fotografiska is In Bloom.
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